Industrial Designer

Born in 1994

Nicolas Cheng was born in Taipei, Taiwan. At the age of 2 he would embark on a journey with his family - for the next 16 years he would move back and forth between Taiwan and South America, living in countries such as Panama, Peru, and Chile, there he learned how to speak English at school and Spanish in the streets.

His passion for the arts and interest in the sciences lead him to pursue a degree in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute - Brooklyn NY. After graduating he spent a year in New York City working and freelancing as a designer, working at design companies and consultancies on projects involving consumer electronics, fashion wearables, and lighting.

He is currently back in Taiwan, just recently completed his compulsory military service he is seeking for new opportunities to jump back into the design world.

In his free time, he enjoys taking walks around the city with his camera, observing and capturing slices of the everyday life.